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    Duration of the tour: 7 days

    Tours: Djanet > Red Tadrart Desert

    Organized Travel All Inclusive with the guide, the driver and the cook!

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    Découverte du Sahara en groupe


    The circuits offered are circuits in the Tassili n'Ajjer: Essendilène, Tikoubaouine, Tegharghart, Iherir, Tadrart Rouge.

    On board a 4×4 4×4 et dans les randonnées à pied you will discover one of the wonders of the world, the Heart of the Sahara. It’s a journey filled with emotions and fairyland!

    Here are the 2 circuits to choose from. These are 7-day tours.

    Djanet > Red Tadrart Desert

    Discovery of the rock sites of the desert of Tadrart (engravings and paintings). It is a real open air museum. You will discover the infinite variety of colors of the Saharan sand.

    DAY 01. Arrival in Djanet. Reception at the airport by 4X4 vehicle. Formalities of access to the Tassili National Park.

    DAY 02. Moul Naga. You continue your route to the Tadrart by stopping here and there to visit rock carvings. In the afternoon, you arrive in the area of ​​Moul Naga, the famous « stone camel » where your camp is installed for 2 nights. You enjoy the late afternoon to walk around the area, the sun ends its race and gives the area sublime colors. Dinner and night under the stars.

    DAY 03. In Zaouatene, In Tehak. To begin this day, you go for a stroll, just to enjoy the beautiful lights of the morning then you go, in 4×4, to In Tehak and its rock paintings. You will have lunch near In Zaouatène, it will be the occasion to admire the engravings representing in particular elephants and panthers. In the afternoon, you continue to In Tehak, where your camp is planted, in the middle of dunes, arches and stone lace. Dinner and overnight at camp, under the stars.

    DAY 04. Tin merzouga. It is in the setting of Tin Merzouga that the camp is set up for two nights. Walking tours and tours of the area are planned. On the program: cave paintings from the Bovidian period, the « hedgehog » carved by the wind erosion near which you picnic. In the late afternoon, you climb the highest dune of Tin Merzouga to admire the sunset and the changing colors of rocks and dunes around. The second day is dedicated to the Tin Merzouga circus and the Talafazo valley. Dinner and overnight at camp, under the stars.

    DAY 05. Oued In Djaren. You take the direction of In Djaren. You picnic again near a site of engravings and rock paintings where you will discover including giraffes. Bivouac.

    DAY 06. Tegharghart. After one last stroll in the Tadrart, you take the track towards Tegharghart « La Vache qui Pleure ». Evening in music.

    DAY 07. Djanet. In Djanet you visit the small market and you go to lunch in a garden of the palm grove. You enjoy the end of the afternoon at the Tassili National Park, Djanet. Transfer in the night to the airport. Return flight.

    Djanet> Iherir

    DAY 01. Arrival in Djanet. Reception at the airport by 4X4 vehicle. The journey begins, you take the direction of Tegharghart « La Vache qui Pleure » (bivouac).

    DAY 02. Visit the engravings. You take the track towards Tikoubaouine. We visit the beautiful arch (bivouac Tikoubaouine).

    DAY 03. The trek continues in the valley of Essendilen. Crossing the Essendilen valley. Visit of the Essendilen guelta (bivouac).

    DAY 04. You take direction of the oasis of Iherir, small island of breathtaking and peaceful greenery, with its palm grove and its village. We spend a night in the zeribas of Iherir campsite (bivouac).

    DAY 05. In 4×4 you take the direction of Dider. Visit of the engravings (bivouac).

    DAY 06. You continue your return to Tilalen stopping to visit rock engravings (bivouac Tilalen).

    DAY 07. After a last stroll in the Tassili you take the track towards Djanet to visit the small market. You go to lunch in a garden of the palm grove. You enjoy the late afternoon at Tassili National Park, Djanet. Then transfer in the night to the airport. Return flight.

    Licensed professional guides

    Thanks to VoyageauSahara.com you will discover the Sahara in good conditions, assisted by the best professional guides of Djanet. They will show you all the beauty of the desert.

    The staff is made up of one or more guides, one or more drivers, a cook and/or musicians.

    Here are the highlights of your desert expedition: expédition au désert :

    • The guide welcomes you at the airport and makes the transfer to the guest house (center of Djanet).
    • The guides have over 20 years of experience in tourism.
    • 4×4 Circuit: adventure and discovery, escape and thrills guaranteed!
    • Every day there are a few hours of walking to enjoy the grandiose panoramas, rock engravings and paintings, stretches of water and green oases.
    • Each night is spent under the stars (bivouac) with musical accompaniment and mint tea: a complete change of scenery, under the stars and the Milky Way, far from the world.

    Here is the list of items needed to travel in good conditions in the Sahara Desert:

    • A 0° sleeping bag.
    • A camping tent (2 people). Tents can be provided by the team.
    • A lightweight backpack for hikes and short visits.
    • Warm clothes for the night and light clothes for the day.
    • Hiking shoes.
    • Sandals (for evenings).
    • A cap or hat.
    • A moisturizing face cream.
    • Cocoa butter.
    • A pair of sunglasses.
    • A bottle of water.
    • A flashlight (or headlamp).
    • A powerbank of at least 22,000mAh (to charge your smartphone, camera batteries, etc.).
    • Wipes with plastic bags and a lighter.
    • A medicine kit: anti-diarrhea, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.
    • A toiletry bag: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush.

    Level accessible to all

    Hiking in the Algerian desert is accessible to all people in good health. The walking pace is leisurely. The hike is interrupted by breaks.

    There are 4×4 expeditions that last 1 hour on average each day.

    Your luggage is transported in the trunk of the 4×4. You can take your backpack inside the vehicle and during hiking hours, especially to carry water, some food, your camera, etc.

    The price of the circuit varies according to the destination, the number of travelers and the duration of the circuit.

    Here is what is included in the tour price:

    • camping equipment: mattresses, emergency blankets, 2-person tents (if you are a couple, a single tent will suffice);
    • full board catering (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner served around a campfire);
    • 4×4 vehicles;
    • the first aid kit;
    • the guides ;
    • individual travel insurance with immediate assistance in the event of an accident.

    Each confirmed registration is validated by a travel contract and the checklist to be provided.


    During the circuit, the nights are spent in a double tent or under the stars, depending on the traveler's wishes. Sleeping mattresses are provided.


    Breakfast: Every day there is coffee, milk and tea with bread, butter and jam or biscuits.

    Lunch: A daily picnic is provided every day. The meal is plentiful. There is pasta (with or without sauce), rice, chorba (soup made from lamb or mutton, tomatoes, vermicelli and vegetables), mixed salad, meat, sardines and eggs. All food offered is fresh and local.

    Evening meal: Meals are different from lunch. They are hot. For dessert there are fruits.

    With regard to water consumption, the assistance provides you with water. Travelers can also buy a pack of water or soda on site.

    Health and sanitary formalities

    Find out about the mandatory vaccinations to be able to enter Algerian territory.

    You must be up to date with classic vaccinations: diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis and hepatitis A. Anti-typhoid, hepatitis B and rabies vaccines are recommended. Consult your doctor (or the one of the international vaccination center) before booking a circuit.

    A small first aid pharmacy is offered by assistance. As indicated in the equipment part, you must take a medicine kit with you (anti-diarrhea, antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory) to limit the use of the collective pharmacy.

    Consular formalities

    Visa or passport is mandatory. Please note that the tour reservation is only approved if the visa is presented 20 days before the date of the trip (not less than 10 days). Note that obtaining the visa can be very long depending on the consulate in your city. You must therefore submit your visa application at least one month before departure.

    The passport must be valid and valid for 6 months after the return date. Each traveler is responsible for compliance with these formalities.


    Concernant la sécurité, il faut savoir que les équipes locales sont responsables et compétentes. Elles proposent des programmes en toute confiance. Pour mieux évaluer une destination, il faut consulter régulièrement la rubrique « conseils aux voyageurs » du site Internet du ministère des Affaires étrangères de votre pays.


    Each trip cancellation, due to the Buyer, must be declared to VoyageauSahara.com as soon as possible, by email or by post (registered letter).

    The cancellation will be effective from the date of receipt of the email / cancellation letter by VoyageauSahara.com. An amount of 100 EUR per person will be collected by VoyageauSahara.com as management fees for the buyer's cancellation, in addition to any other cancellation fees. The insurance taken out as well as the consular costs (visa, intervention costs, etc.) are never refundable.

    Cancellation of non-refundable tickets

    Our VoyageauSahara.com platform does not provide plane tickets. They are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. When the Buyer cancels his trip, our platform does not reimburse any airfare costs.

    Cancellation of other non-refundable services

    In addition to the cancellation fees specified above, in certain other cases, of which the Buyer will be informed prior to the sale, cancellation fees concerning land services (accommodation, transfers, etc.) or services (guide) may be charged to him. This amount depends on the conditions of sale which may be imposed on VoyageauSahara.com by its suppliers. These costs can sometimes amount to 100% of their actual cost, particularly in the context of the privatization of a trip, a plane or accommodation by a group.

    Cancellation costs due to the Buyer

    The requirement of payment conditions for VoyageauSahara.com suppliers imposes the collection of cancellation fees, which are all the more important as the departure date approaches. In the event of cancellation by the buyer, the reimbursement of the sums paid will take place after deduction of the amounts specified below, according to the date of cancellation. If the buyer is absent at the airport, whatever the reasons, the cancellation costs amount to 100% of the total price of the services.

    Cancellation fee schedule

    • Cancellation 60 to 31 days before departure: 15% of the total price of the services.
    • Cancellation 30 to 21 days before departure: 35% of the total price of the services.
    • Cancellation 20 to 14 days before departure: 50% of the total price of the services.
    • Cancellation from 13 to 7 days before departure: 75% of the total price of the services.
    • Cancellation 7 days before departure: 100% of the total price of the services.