Sahara travel tours excursions

In the heart of Sahara

Visit the most beautiful desert in the world

If you want to make a travel tour in the Sahara, you can do it with certified local guides. They will make you discover the desert, its sublime landscapes in 4×4 4×4 and/or on foot during hikes.

If you like to travel, trek, live unique human adventures in a group, book now your circuit in the Sahara. You can choose your departure date and your return date.

A unique human adventure in a fairy-tale world

The nights under the beautiful stars and the majestic Milky Way, the overlapping Admer dunes, the unique sunsets in the world, the gigantic plateaux rising in front of you, the dromedaries by the side of the roads or between dunes, the beautiful gueltas… this is beautiful, magical!

A holiday of pure happiness

5 days, 7 days or 15 days of a tour package in the Sahara, it’s a pure adventure, a holiday of pure happiness! You will get up in the morning with the beauty of the desert that surrounds you.

You will make your circuit in the wonderful region of Tassili n’Ajjer, near the oasis Djanet (in the south-east of Algeria) or in the Tadrart Rouge (south of Djanet city).

The tourist excursions

You make your trip according to your dates. The season of Sahara travel tours excursions starts in September and ends in May.

Visit the Sahara accompanied by our drivers of 4×4 and a cooks! Several 4×4 are at your disposal to spend an unforgettable trip!

There are many places to visit! They are all different and all beautiful! Tassili N’Ajjer, Essendilen, Dider, Iherir, Djanet, Tadrart... and many other places. Every day is unique!

You can not wait to discover the Sahara?

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Voyager au Sahara

Are you ready for an excellent road trip in the heart of the Sahara? Prepare your hiking boots, your water bottle, your camera, your personal belongings and book your tour!.


Places limited to 10 people.